Inside the Mind of ISIS: Understanding its Goals and Ideology to Better Protect the Homeland

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, WORDE President Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi provided testimony to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, “Inside the Mind of ISIS: Understanding Its Goals and Ideology to Better Protect the Homeland.” View her prior testimony for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs online. Dr. Mirahmadi discussed the Montgomery County […]

Is someone recruiting our kids?

Special Event With over 900 active investigations against suspected ISIS-inspired operatives and other homegrown violent extremists – the threat of recruitment and radicalization of our youth is greater than ever before. WORDE invites you to join this timely event on Sunday February 7, 2016. SPEAKERS: Christian Picciolini – Author, Romantic Violence, Memoirs of an American Skinhead […]

IREX Fellows Presentations

Yesterday, Nyambura Mundia, WORDE Visiting Fellow from Kenya, and Bonventure Chengeck, with the County Executive’s Office of Community Partnerships gave informative presentations about their experiences to-date working in Montgomery County on issues that promote social cohesion and greater public safety. Mundia and Chengeck are here as part of an exchange program established by the State […]


Understanding ISIS in order to Better Protect the Homeland

Testimony submitted by Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on January 20, 2016   Chairman Ron Johnson, Ranking Member Thomas Carper and members of the Committee, thank you for the honor of testifying here today on such a serious and important issue. I have been in the field of […]

Muslims in Kenya Offer a Christmas Present to the World

Mandera is not a rare event – and parallel stories of human familyhood are all around us. Al-Jazeera | December 27, 2015 Muhammad Fraser-Rahim & Beth Ellen Cole After a year marred by violence that has led some people to suppose that confrontation is inevitable among humanity’s religions, a busload of Muslims in northeast Kenya […]

Want to stop Islamic terrorism? Be nicer to Muslims

A warmer embrace could stop homegrown terrorism. By Sarah Lyons-Padilla and Michele Gelfand Washington Post | November 24, 2015 The discovery that several of the Paris attackers were European nationals has fueled concern about Muslim immigrants becoming radicalized in the West. Some politicians have expressed views that the best way to avoid homegrown terrorists is […]

WORDE Reports

Engaging and Empowering Pakistan’s Civil Society for Countering Violent Extremism

WORDE Launches Two New Reports on Pakistan Over the past several years, WORDE has been leading a comprehensive study through 35 cities and villages in Pakistan to explore the capacity of civil society for peacebuilding. We’ve identified over 100 local organizations that have implemented viable and innovative peacebuilding programs, ranging from inter-ethnic dialogues to fatwas […]

Additional Reports

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