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1st WORDE Conference (2004)

The World Organization for Resource Development and Education [WORDE] is a nonprofit, educational organization whose mission is to enhance communication and understanding between communities to mitigate social and political conflict. Utilizing a research-informed foundation for programming, we identify drivers of conflict and opportunities for building strong, resilient communities.

We believe that providing networks with the right resources to build community resilience against extremism is a requisite component to any long-term development strategy for building communities. Our work accomplishes this by investing in human capital and strengthening civil society by mobilizing local leaders, establishing community centers that emphasize civic responsibility, and providing institutional capacity building to those who share our vision.

WORDE shapes public policy by cultivating a better understanding of ideologies that promote pluralism and service to humanity – while exposing the roots of extremism that disrupt the peaceful coexistence of societies everywhere. Our specialists are academics, theologians, development experts, and policy analysts who develop effective, long-term solutions in the key areas of educational reform, resource development, and international security. Many of them serve as advisers to various US government agencies as well as international organizations and governments around the world.

What We Believe

  • One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to overcome radical ideologies that play a role in social conflict, political instability, and terrorism. WORDE believes that this ideological battle is the critical issue for which humanity must take a stand.
  • The most effective strategy to counter radical ideologies is to utilize its theological inverse: moderate Muslims who share common values of social justice, freedom and pluralism.
  • Our work is guided by the belief that terrorism is bred by ignorance and is fanned by extremists who attempt to legitimize political agendas by framing their rhetoric in religious terminology. With the right resources and education, moderate religious leaders and their institutions can serve as a prime bulwark against radicalism.
  • Comprehensive public policies require thoughtful collaboration as we struggle with the new ideological dimensions which affect our world. We hope to strengthen the voice of the moderate mainstream around the world by providing them access to the public space and the opportunity to eradicate religious radicalism from within.


Annual Reports

Read more about our programs and services in our Annual Reports.

2013 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

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