Scriptures in Dialogue: Christians and Muslims Studying the Bible and the Qur’ran Together

By Specialist Vincent Cornell

In April 2003, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, convened a group of twenty-five leading Christian and Muslim scholars for three days of theological dialogue. Scriptures in Dialogue presents a record of this seminar, held in Doha the invitation of the Amir of Qatar. The focus of this gathering was the intensive study of passages from the Qur’an and the Bible.

Muslim Networks: From Hajj to Hip Hop

Contributing author Vincent Cornell

Crucial to understanding Islam is a recognition of the role of Muslim networks. The earliest networks were Mediterranean trade routes that quickly expanded into transregional paths for pilgrimage, scholarship, and conversion, each network complementing and reinforcing the others.

Islam in Global History, Volume I

Islam in Global History by Specialist Nazeer Ahmed Excerpt from back cover: With the scope of a philosopher and the precision of a scientist, Dr. Ahmed takes us on a journey through the labyrinth of Islamic history offering unique insights into its own internal dialectic as well is its interactions with Western civilization.  Using pivotal […]

Classical Islam and the Naqshbandi Sufi Tradition

Editor WORDE President Hedieh Mirahmadi Synopsis: This book is the most detailed and authentic book ever written about a Sufi order in English. It provides a comprehensive history of the Naqshbandi Tradition, tracing the lives of its foremost teachers from Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) to the present. Their life stories are intimately woven with landmark events […]

Islam and Civil Society

Editor WORDE President Hedieh Mirahmadi Read and download e-book Synopsis: “The struggle for ideological primacy within Islam is a fight that only Muslims themselves can wage, but the moderates are struggling for access to the public square. Muslim societies the world over have been intimidated, oppressed and manipulated by extremist ideologues and financiers for almost […]

The Other Muslims: Moderate and Secular

Edited by Specialist Zeyno Baran
Co-Author President Mirahmadi

“The Other Muslims” is a unique collection of essays by moderate Muslims from Europe and the United States, with varied backgrounds in academia, theology, performing arts, and civic activism. They write convincingly that by ignoring the politico-ideological threat Islamists pose, with their narrow interpretation of Islam, Westerners place democracy and universal human rights at grave risk.

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