WORDE Pilots Train the Trainer Program for its Global Citizen’s Forum

Developed by WORDE, the Global Citizen Forum (GCF) is a peer gatekeeper program designed to improve youth’s help seeking behaviors to overcome challenges they may experience in their lives.

Since 2014, WORDE’s International Cultural Center has facilitated GCF at various schools and community centers in Montgomery County, MD.  In 2017, Analytic Services (ANSER) initiated a two-year National Institute of Justice (NIJ) funded program to evaluate the replicability of the program and to create a train-the-trainer manual to expand GCF in other counties across the US.  Last week, WORDE led its first train the trainer workshop to expand the program into Prince George’s County, MD.

The GCF curriculum has a core focus on preventing destructive and violent behaviors, and draws from good practices in the fields of positive youth development programming to provide youth with the skills (e.g. competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring) to address a range of modern challenges, such as cyber bullying, cyber safety/online predators, cyber crises (e.g. calls for help or broadcasting intent to engage in violent or destructive behaviors), suicidal ideation, teen dating violence, and the threat of radicalization to nationalist / supremacist groups, ideologically motivated gangs, issue-based extremists, anti-state sovereign citizens, and ISIS or Al-Qaeda inspired groups.  [read more]

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