WORDE specialists collaborate, advise and provide resources to the US Government on a number of foreign and domestic issues from countering violent extremism, homeland security, civil rights, to Muslim-community outreach and engagement. We provide policymakers, law enforcement, and public officials with a better understanding of the difference between mainstream Islam and radical ideologies. Our specialists also work with government recruiters to encourage young Muslim Americans to serve our country. In this capacity, WORDE strives to engender trust between the government and Muslim American communities through several avenues including the Heritage Council, US Department of Justice, US Department of Defense, the Congressional Anti-Terror Caucus, and the LAPD.


WORDE is leading innovative research in Afghanistan and Pakistan to explore the capacity of these understudied networks. Our research is primarily conducted through intensive field interviews led by WORDE Specialists and trained social scientists. Our objective is to identify credible civil society organizations with the potential to organize counter-radicalization efforts, support post conflict reconciliation and reintegration efforts, and administer humanitarian aid and development assistance.


The Montgomery County model is a community-led, public-private partnership rooted in interfaith collaboration — was initiated a month before the Boston bombings in April. The model is very much driven by the agenda, interests, and support of the faith-based community’s leaders and their congregations. Schools, the county executive’s office, law enforcement officials, faith leaders, health and human services officials, and the emergency management team all play a role in public safety and addressing other local issues.


Across the world, in Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Yemen and the United Kingdom, WORDE is actively engaged with empowering traditional Muslim networks to strengthen their communities against the rising threat of violent extremism. At WORDE, we believe the US should establish a good working relationship with religious and cultural leaders who adamantly reject the radical ideology of the terrorists and could serve as a bulwark against militants. Our strategy includes investing in human capital, facilitating linkages with local and international public policymakers, and establishing international networks of moderate Muslim scholars, cultural groups, and thought leaders that empower one another to generate positive change.


Across the world, violent extremists are destroying ancient shrines and cultural sites long revered by both Muslims and non-Muslims. Militants are also targeting cultural thought leaders who have historically championed pluralism, and denounced intolerance. Protecting these local cultures is an integral component to countering violent extremism, however, these crimes are often underreported.

In an effort to generate public awareness of this critical issue, WORDE’s “Crimes against Culture” is a campaign to inform, equip, and mobilize communities to take a peaceful stand against this threat.


WORDE educates policymakers and law enforcement officials about the differences between mainstream Islamic ideologies, and radical ideologies promoted by violent extremists. Our  training provides participants the tools to conduct effective outreach efforts to Muslim organizations and socio-cultural networks that uphold shared values. These values include religious freedom of all persons, non-violence in conflict resolution, and respect for the government’s rule of law and its ability to provide social justice. Across the world, millions of Muslims uphold these values and have the capacity to counter radical narratives, promote social cohesion, conduct development and humanitarian assistance work, and mediate peaceful conflict resolution.



Located in Gaithersburg, MD, the ICC is a forum where people from all traditions can converge to promote principles of peace, social harmony and plurality through prose, music, meditation and sacred movement. We are developing the center to become a space for cultivating positive social networks — where the community can foster a sense of belonging and youth can channel their energy into peaceful, productive outlets.

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