Department of Defense

WORDE is an active participant in the Department of Defense Federation Forum’s Pakistan-Afghanistan Coordination Cell, the Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) for Pakistan-Afghanistan and the Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence at US Central Command in Florida.

The “Fed Forum” informs defense analysts, policymakers, and members of the NGO community about security, development and counter-insurgency efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The SMA integrates human, social, cultural, behavioral, and physical sciences from universities, non-governmental organizations, and various interagency partners to develop “rich contextual understanding” of the Afghan-Pakistan political and social environments to facilitate the government’s counter-insurgency mission in the region. The Center of Excellence seeks to build expertise in and provide improved intelligence for the missions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asian States, as well as the states around them.

WORDE has been invited to present for each of these forums. In September 2010, WORDE presented to the Fed Forum on the topic of “Traditional Muslim Networks: Pakistan’s Untapped Resource in the Fight Against Terrorism”. WORDE discussed how the US counter insurgency strategy should include a strategic alliance with the Ahl as-Sunnahwa’l-Jamā‘ah (ASJ), a network of cultural, religious, and tribal leaders who represent the vast majority of Pakistan’s mainstream society. Based on our independent research, the ASJ network – which includes the Brelvi and the Sufi communities who consistently and adamantly reject the radical ideology of the terrorists – can serve as a bulwark against militant’s recruiting capabilities in the region.

The full event summary is available online.

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