Office of the Director of National Intelligence: Heritage Council

WORDE is an official member of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Heritage Council which seeks to broaden the heritage communities’ understanding and relationship with the various intelligence agencies [IC] of the US government. Heritage communities are defined as first and second-generation citizens that have the unique potential to serve intelligence communities (IC) given their advanced language skills and cultural knowledge of the communities they represent. The Heritage Council was designed to reach out to heritage communities and to increase their employment opportunities with the federal government.

WORDE represents interests of various ethnic populations. Our involvement with the Heritage Council provides communities information about the IC as well as a forum to voice concerns and receive feedback on a variety of issues, including job employment in the IC. The Intelligence Community spans across 12 different agencies and there are long time career positions available in a variety of sectors.

WORDE has met with several recruitment officers to understand the application processes for several agencies. In partnership with the As Siddiq Mosque in Burton MI, WORDE hosted an informative seminar on job opportunities in the US government, especially in the IC sector. Community members had direct engagement with the represented agencies to learn more about the application process and what it takes to succeed. WORDE continues to offer community members resume building skills in order to prepare for US government applications.

IC Job Opportunities for Second Language Speakers
Feb 26 through April 4, WORDE is co-sponsoring career fair events for job opportunities within the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC). Various agencies within the IC are seeking a culturally diverse, technologically savvy and skilled workforce for a range of careers in a number of fields.

  • Virtual Career Fair:
    Tuesday, February 26, from 2-8 p.m. (est)
    Explore currently available jobs, chat with recruiters in real-time, and visit IC agencies’ virtual booths. Job opportunities range from information technologists to public affairs analysts to language and security specialists.Registration and additional information can be found at
  • Intelligence Community Career Fair:
    Thursday, April 4
    Meet with agency recruiters in person to learn more about current job openings, internship programs, and future career opportunities. Representatives from eight IC agencies will on hand to answer questions and meet with potential candidates.Please check back for further information on location and registration. 

    *Information on additional career fair events scheduled in March will be posted shortly*

WORDE can help you contact the following agencies about employment opportunities:

  • National Security Agency
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • State Department
  • Army Intelligence
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Naval Intelligence
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Department of Homeland SecurityCheck out IC positions available online:

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