Community Engagement

Across the world, WORDE is involved in a range of community engagement initiatives with traditional Muslim networks to strengthen their communities against the rising threat of violent extremism. Our strategy includes investing in human capital, facilitating linkages with local and international public policymakers, and establishing international networks of moderate Muslim scholars, cultural groups, and thought leaders that empower one another to generate positive change.

Religious and cultural leaders wield considerable power and influence as some of the primary educators and social services providers. Across the world, their institutions form the core of Muslim communities. They are amongst the most trusted leaders, playing an integral role as counselors and mediators of conflict. At WORDE, we believe the US should establish a good working relationship with religious and cultural leaders who adamantly reject the radical ideology of the terrorists and could serve as a bulwark against militants.

Programs WORDE is Involved with:

  • Afghanistan | “The Project for Islamic Cooperation for a Peaceful Future”

  • Pakistan | “Understanding the Socio-Political Dynamics of Pakistan’s Moderate Muslim Majority”

  • United Kingdom | “The Center for Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (CSCA)”

  • Southeast Asia

    • Singapore | “Simply Islam” | RSIS
    • Malaysia | “IPPF”
    • Indonesia

The Project for Islamic Cooperation for a Peaceful Future in Afghanistan

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