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Sidi Yahya Mosque, Timbuktu, Mali (est 1440)

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03-12-2015 | Associated Press

Killing of 11 Sufis at Afghan Mosque Mystifies Authorities

03-08-2015 | Reuters

06-24-2014 | Al Jazeera
Saving Bhuddist Statues: Afghanistan’s Big Dig

12-07-2011 | CNN
Attack on shrine signals new nexus of Afghan strife


10-04-2012 | Culture in Development
Violent Attacks were on Buddhist Shrines and Monasteries in Bangladesh


8-29-2012 | Human Rights Watch
Russia: Strictly Respect Rights in Dagestan Killing Inquiry

8-29-2012 |
A bomb blast killed leading Islamic scholar in Dagestan


09-23-2013 | The Spectator
The Silence of our Friends – The Extinction of Christianity in the Middle East

10-06-2013 | New York Times
Islamists Seize Town in Southern Egypt and Attack Christians

08-12-2013 | Al Jazeera
Coptic Churches Burn in Egypt

12-04-2012 | Common Ground News Service
Meet the Egyptians fighting Interfaith Tensions

10-10-2012 | Huffington Post
Egypt: Coptic Christians See Sectarian Violence

09-2012 | Al Monitor
Revolution Far From Over For Women of Arab Spring

6-14-2012 | Egypt Independent
Sufi mausoleum attacked for third time in North Sinai

4-11-2011 | The Guardian
Egyptian extremism sees Salafis attacking Sufi mosques

4-11-2011 | The Guardian
Egyptian Muslim Fundamentalists Attack Sufis

05-2010 | ISRA
Salafi intolerance threatens Sufis in Egypt

4-29-2010 | Egypt Independent
ZIKR Ban Vexes Nations’ Sufi Orders


11-08-2012 | USCIRF
USCIRF Statement — USCIRF Deeply Concerned by Emerging Religious Freedom Violations in Ethiopia


11-26-1013 | Hindustan Times
Buddhist Shrines in India on IM Radar


1-20-2012 | Committee to Protect Journalists
Iran Continues Its Campaign Against Journalists

1-25-2012 | Human Rights Watch
Iran: New Assault on Freedom of Information


01-20-2016 | Associated Press

Islamic State Militants Destroy The Oldest Christian Monastery In Iraq

03-06-2015 | The Guardian

ISIS Extremists Bulldoze Ancient Shrines Assyrian Site Near Mosul

02-27-2015 | The Fiscal Times

ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul

07-05-2014 | Deutsche Welle (DW)

Images Show Shrines Demolished in Iraq

06-20-2014 | Huffington Post
Iraqi Militants Destroy Philosopher’s Tomb, Cultural Icons

9-11-2013 | BBC
Iraq blasts Near Baghdad Shia Mosque ‘Kill at Least 35’


7-4-2012 | CNN
Police Officers Killed in Kashmir Attacks


08-12-2013 | Foreign Policy
Libya’s Jihadists Beyond Benghazi

09-12-2012 | Associated Press
Libyans Storm Militia in Backlash of Attack on US

12-31-2012 | Financial Times
Two Christians Killed in Libya Bomb Blast

9-12-2012 | Financial Times
Desperate Salafi attack in a weak Libya

9-4-2012 | Al-Jazeera
Testing Tolerance

09-12 | Libya Herald
The Destruction of Libya’s Sufi Heritage

8-31-2012 | Human Rights Watch
Libya: Stop Attacks on Sufi Sites

8-30-12 | Al Arabia News
Libyan Graves

8-27-12 | Al-Jazeera
Libya Minister Quits Over Sufi Shrine Attack

8-7-2012 | ISRA
Three killed in Libya clashes over shrine


7-10-2011 | Asia News
Indian Catholic jailed in the Maldives over a Bible and a rosary

6-15-2012 | Amnesty International
Maldives: Human rights campaigner attacked, injured (Ismail Rasheed has declared that he is a Sufi)


02-03-13 | New York Times
As Extremists Invaded, Timbuktu Hid Artifacts of a Golden Age

01-28-13 | Guardian
Timbuktu mayor: Mali Rebels Torched Library of Historic Manuscripts

01-08-13 | NPR
Despite Censorship, Mali’s Musicians Play On

12-23-2012 | BBC
Timbuktu’s Mausoleums Destroyed

12-06-2012 | BBC
Blues for Mali as Ali Farka Toure’s music is banned

8-26-2012 | Global Security News
Libya and Mali: Salafi Islamists destroying shrines courtesy of Saudi Arabia and Qatar

7-12-2012 | The Daily News Egypt
Islamists destroy Sufi Shrines in Mali

7-5-2012 | CNN
Rebels burn Timbuktu tomb listed as U.N. World Heritage site


10-19-2012 | Google AFP
Morocco denies Salafist destruction of carvings

10-18-2012 | The Washington Post
Salafists destroy ancient carvings in Morocco


12-14-2015 | Washington Post
Nigerian Shiites say Soldiers have Killed Hundreds

11-28-2015 | News 24
Boko Haram Claims Kano Suicide Attack

01-18-2015 | Reuters
Five killed in second day of Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger

12-25-2011 | The Guardian
Nigerian churches targeted by Christmas Day bombs


03-15-2015 | BBC

Deadly Blasts hit Pakistan Churches in Lahore

06-27-2014 | Express Tribune
Dozens Injured in Shrine Blast Near Islamabad

04-28-2014 | NPR
In Pakistan, Ultra-Conservative Rivals Attack Moderate Muslims

02-10-2014 | Express Tribune
Eight Dead in Karachi Shrine Attack

01-07-2014 | Express Tribune
Bodies of Six Men with their Throats Slit, Recovered Near Karachi Shrine

10-8-2013 |  Express Tribune
Pakistani Muslims Form Human Chain To Protect Christians During Mass

09-26-2013 | Reuters
Steeped in Ancient Mysticism, Passion of Pakistani Sufis Infuriates Taliban

09-26-2013 | New York Times
Scores Are Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan

03-04, 2013 | Dawn
Shikarpur Shrine Blast: Syed Hajan Shah Succumbs to Injuries

03-21-2013 | Dawn
Spiritual Leader’s Grandson Killed in ‘Sectarian’ Attack

01-10-2013 | Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Pakistan’s Swat Valley: Taliban Gone But Peace Remains Elusive

12-06-2012 | US Institute of Peace Olive Branch Post
Rising Religious Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

12-03-2012 | The Express Tribune
Ahmadi Graves Desecrated in Lahore

11-08-2012 | Associated Press
Pakistan’s Minority Hindus Feel Under Attack

11-08-2012 | FirstPost.World
Pakistan’s Hindus under attack as extremism grows

10-24-2012 | Reuters
Pakistan’s Fratricide

09-30-2012 | Dawn
Attack on Hindus prompts blasphemy case in Pakistan

2-10-2012 | Amnesty International
Document – Pakistan: Man sentenced to death for blasphemy: Muhammad Ishaq

1-10-12 | Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Pakistan’s Swat Valley: Taliban Gone But Peace Remains Elusive

9-10-2012 | NBC World News
‘New radicals’: Pakistan’s Generation Y battles to shape country’s future

10-26-2011 | News 24
Attack on Sufi movement

04-04-2011 | LA Times
Bombs kill 42 at shrine in Pakistan (Sakhi Sarwar Shrine)

10-25-2010 | Dawn
Bomb blast in Pakpattan kills four, injures 13: Yet another shrine comes under attack

10-07-2010 | The Express Tribune
Twin suicide attacks at Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine

7-2-2010 | France 24
Lahore attack strikes Sufism, a tolerant blend of Islam

07-02-2010 | BBC News
Deadly blasts hit Sufi shrine in Lahore

03-05-2009 | BBC News
Sufi Shrine ‘blown up by Taleban

09-12-07 | BBC News
Attack on giant Pakistan Buddha


11-07-2012 | Al Arabia
Sufi Trail reveals secrets of Islamic mysticism

Saudi Arabia

02-07-2013 | CNN
Mecca Redevelopment Sparks Heritage Concerns

10-31-2012 | Russia Today
Saudi Arabia to Raze Prophet Mohammed’s Tomb to Build Larger Mosque

10-23-2012 | The Guardian
Mecca’s Mega Architecture Casts Shadow over Hajj

09-24-2011 | The Independent
Mecca for the Rich: Islam’s Holiest site ‘Turning into Vegas’

09-12-2013 | BBC
Somali Islamic Scholars Denounce al-Shabab in Fatwa

12-20-2008 | Al Jazeera
Somali Fighters Destroying Shrines


09-02-2015 | Al-Jazeera

ISIL Blows up Part of Main Temple in Syria’s Palmyra

08-24-2015 | BBC

Palmyra’s Baalshamin temple ‘blown up by IS’

08-19-2015 | The Guardian

Beheaded Syrian Scholar Refused to lead ISIS to Hidden Palmyra Antiquities

05-23-2015 | Time

ISIS Must be Stopped from Destroying Ancient City, U.N. Says

01-07-2015 | Al-Jazeera
Syrian Fighters Destroy Historic Muslim Tomb

12-15-2014 | Syria Deeply
Aid Group Uses ‘Heritage for Peace,’ Deploys Culture to Preserve Syrian Identity

03-29-2014 | Unconfirmed Source
Violent Extremists Destroy the Shrine of Hazrat Uwais Qarni

12-16-2013 | Reuters
Islamists Kill 15 Alawite and Druze Civilians in Syria: Activists

08-06-2013 | Huffington Post
Syria Conflict Destroys Churches & Mosques, Desecrates Icons

07-23-2013 | The Nation
Shelling Destroys Hazrat Khaled bin Walid’s Shrine

04-24-2013 | The Guardian
Syria: Aleppo’s Umayyad Mosque Destroyed – In Pictures

04-09-13 | BBC

Syria ‘death video’ of Sheikh al-Bouti poses questions

03-23-13 | Al Jazeera
Thousands mourn slain cleric in Damascus


03-21-13 | New York Times
Pro-Assad Cleric Killed in Blast in Damascus

03-21-13 | Huffington Post
Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan Al Buti, Syrian Pro-Assad Cleric, Killed In Damascus Bombing


09-13-2012 | World Watch Monitor
Muslim Extremists in Sudan Threaten to Target Christians


03-03-2014 | Morning Star News
Churches Targeted in Bomb Attacks in Zanzibar, Tanzania

12-28-2012 | Financial TimesExtremism on the Rise in Zanzibar


08-17-2015 | BBC
Bankok Bomb: Deadly Blast Rocks Thailand Capital


02-08-2013 | NPR
Chaos Follows Funeral For Slain Leader In Tunisia

10-16-2012 | Associated Press
Tunisia: Attackers set fire to Muslim saint shrine

9-4-2012 | Reuters
Salafis attack Tunisia hotel for serving alcohol

8-16-2012 | Africa Review
Salafists block Tunisia comedy show that ‘offends Islam

8-17-2012 | Google AFP
Tunisian alarm at assault on ‘un-Islamic’ culture


12-01-2012 | Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People
Blasts in Territory of Future Central Mosque Buyuk Juma Jami in Simferopol

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