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WORDE’s Club House, an innovation space, where Muslim scholars explore, test and refine alternative messaging to violent extremist organizations like ISIS. We organize regular halaqas (community discussions), create counter-extremist messaging campaigns, and host weekly jumu’ah prayers.



From 2015-2017 WORDE lorganized community-based discussions or “halaqas” featuring Dr. Tarek Elgawhary to address some of the most challenging topics of our time. The first series, “Stop the Hate: Prophetic Models of Coexistence” explored Islamic traditions of tolerance and inter-religious cooperation. The second series, “Aqeeda: Foundational Islamic Creed” explored core principles of Sunni Islam in order to establish a framework for understanding how violent extremists have adopted a deviant understanding of theology to justify their violence.

The halaqa series were live-streamed and participants are encouraged to continue the conversation on social media as well to provide additional communities around the world with an opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

February 2016 Video Release: ISIS: A Parallel Religion?


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Stop the Hate: Prophetic Models of Coexistence Series

Aqeeda: Foundational Islamic Creed Series



WORDE’s Club House hosts Jumaah (Friday Prayers) on Fridays.

Everyone is welcome to attend! We look forward to seeing you there.

Fridays at 1:30pm


19650 Club House Road, Suite 201B

Montgomery Village, MD 20886


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