International Cultural Center

In 2011 WORDE established a new cultural center for the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Located in Gaithersburg, MD, the ICC is a forum where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to engage in community building programs, social action projects and educational programs built to promote pluralism and social cohesion based on mutual respect and harmonious coexistence.

We are developing the center to become a space for cultivating positive social networks — where the community can foster a sense of belonging and youth can channel their energy into peaceful, productive outlets. WORDE will organize educational programming for the community and host workshops, seminars and lectures on a range of issues including cultural pluralism, religious tolerance, civic engagement, and conflict transformation.

ICC Goals

  • Promote the participation of individuals and families with diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in cross-cultural dialogue and community service.
  • Develop a vibrant community of engaged citizens with the resources to peacefully mitigate any social and political conflict.
  • Decrease a culture of misunderstandings, fear and violence in collaboration with local government, law enforcement, faith and community-based organizations, and preeminent social service providers.

Renting the Facility

The 33,000 square foot building is available for educational, cultural and religious events, conferences, book launches, poetry readings, graduation celebrations, weddings, family events, and other community events. To reserve the space, please contact Samia Haque (

For recent and upcoming events, please visit ICC Website.

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