New National Academy of Sciences Publications Highlight’s WORDE’s BRAVE Model

The National Academies of Sciences published its proceedings of a 2016 workshop, “Countering Violent Extremism Through Public Health Practice” in which WORDE Senior Fellow Mehreen Farooq presented on WORDE’s Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism (BRAVE) Model.


BRAVE (formerly known as the Montgomery County Model) takes a public health, tired approach to prevention. At the primary level of prevention, we seek to inform the public about a broad range of violent extremist threats, including the threat from nationalist groups, anti-state sovereign citizens, ideologically motivated gangs, ISIS and Al-Qaeda inspired groups, and issue-based extremists that justify violence to achieve social, political or economic change. At the secondary level, we create community resilience against radicalization – working with diverse communities to develop programs that foster social cohesion and pluralism.


The publication highlights key findings presented in the workshop. During her panel presentation, Ms. Farooq noted:


“Unlike other CVE programs that may only engage one faith or ethnic community, this model involves more than 300 different faith-based organizations and community service providers. Adopting this type of holistic approach avoids stigmatizing any single faith community.”


She also acknowledged the unique aspects of WORDE’s community-led program, noting, “There is a delicate balance between governmental support and local community empowerment in CVE programing. Civil society must retain the ownership of the agenda and it should be allowed to define the contours of the CVE space.”


The publication is available in hard copy and online.

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