Washington Post Reports on WORDE’s ICC Survey of the Impact of Bullying on Muslim Students

WORDE ICC Survey Results on BullyingThe Washington Post reports on a recent survey the International Cultural Center (ICC) administered in Montgomery County to measure the impact of bullying on students in the county. The ten question survey was administered in January 2016, and asked students to reflect back on their experiences in the past six months, to understand some of the challenges young Muslims in Montgomery County may be facing, in light of recent political events around the world. The survey results are from110 students who attend Islamic Sunday schools run by the Islamic Center of Maryland, and the Haneefiya Learning Center, which have students who study at public schools across the county. These findings of our survey validate the results of another survey conducted by the Muslim Community Center (MCC) and substantiate anecdotal evidence that harassment of Muslim students has increased in light of recent political events around the world. The margin of error for this survey sample is +/- approximately 10%.


The survey results and recommendations can be downloaded here: Impact of Bullying in Montgomery County:


In “During a School Year of Terrorist Attacks, Muslim Students Report Bullying,” published June 14, 2016, reporter Donna St. George underscores that,With the weekend’s mass shooting in Orlando — which left 49 people dead and dozens of others wounded — many worry about increased backlash, including for Muslim children in the nation’s schools.”

Following up on this news, the Washington Post’s Editorial Post wrote, “Mr. Trump’s Rhetorical Poison is Trickling into America’s School,” on June 17, 2016 criticizing Donald Trump’s dangerous speech for increasing bigotry and discrimination of Muslims in America. The editors note, “Certainly, as the MCC and the ICC recommend, schools should train teachers to make Muslim students comfortable in the classroom. Teachers should share the importance of sensitivity with their students, making clear that racist remarks are not acceptable and checking in with Muslim students who have been targeted.”

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