Cyber Civility Curriculum

YMF Curriculum front coverWORDE Specialists have developed a curriculum for teachers to guide students on using social media and other digital media in a responsible, respectful manner. The curriculum includes a teacher’s manual and a complementary multimedia PowerPoint presentation for each chapter, designed to inform students of potential threats associated with online activity – from sexual predators and online extremist recruiters – and to promote help-seeking behaviors to mitigate the threat of intimidation, harassment or abuse. It was developed by our Specialists with the valuable input and guidance of online safety experts, violent extremism experts and students who participate in our weekly Global Citizens Forum, an after-school leadership development program that provides youth communication and conflict transformation skills, which is facilitated by counselors from our International Cultural Center (ICC).

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Download WORDE’s Cyber Civility Curriculum

Click here to download the Teacher’s Manual >

Click on the links below to download the accompanying PowerPoint material for each chapter:

      1. Chapter 1 > Defining Cyber Civility
      2. Chapter 2 > Internet Safety: Appropriate & Inappropriate Uses of Digital Media
      3. Chapter 3 > Cyber Threats: Online Predators & Violent Extremist Movements
      4. Chapter 4 > Cyber Bullying
      5. Chapter 5 > Being Mindful of your Digital Footprint
      6. Chapter 6 > Promoting Healthy Cyber Relationships
      7. Chapter 7 >  Online Advocacy
      8. Chapter 8 >  Crisis Intervention

Screen shots of the Teachers’ Manual and Multimedia PowerPoints:

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