Our WORDE Issue Number 1

March 17, 2009

We are pleased to present to you the inaugural issue of Our WORDE, the informative bulletin of the activities of WORDE and its Specialists. This issue includes an update on the public policy initiatives that WORDE Specialists participated in. In light of the recent tragedy of spousal homicide that occurred here in the US, we have also included WISE’s press statement on the tragic death of Aasiyah Zubair.

Sufi Muslim Council Event

Sufi Muslim Council (SMC) Launch

WORDE specialists Shaykh Kabbani and Hedieh Mirahmadi were pleased to participate in the first national hubs launch of the UK Sufi Muslim Council held in London. Thousands of people attended and many came from all over the country to participate. Several leaders of the country’s largest Sufi orders were present and reaffirmed their commitment to an authentic voice of Islam and the theological response to radical Islamism. To see Dr. Mirahmadi’s presentation, please click here.

WORDE Specialist, Zeyno Baran, Participates in Congressional Hearing

On February 26, Specialist Zeyno Baran testified before the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in a hearing titled “Engaging with the Muslim World.” Committee Chairman John Kerry and Senator Richard Lugar presided over the hearing. Among the distinguished witnesses were former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and former Commander of U.S. Central Command Admiral William Fallon. For a complete transcript of her remarks, click here.

Interagency Meeting with Muslim, Sikh, Arab and South Asian Communities

The Department of Justice hosts a monthly roundtable with these communities in order to address issues of concern and to provide updates on various agency activities on the issue of civil rights. Onur Sazak attended the meeting on behalf of WORDE and reported that the Department of Transportation is updating its procedures on the treatment of air travelers in light of new Court of Appeals cases. The representative said that it was absolutely imperative to address these cases in the revision. Department of State Visa Office Representative had no updates, whereas the European Bureau officer indicated that his office wanted to work more closely with the visa office and other domestic affairs bureaus on the speakers or conference participants who wanted to visit the United States.

WISE Press Release – Tragic Death of Aasiya Zubair

WORDE President Dr Hedieh Mirahmadi is on the steering committee for the WISE (Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality) initiative and is the Co-Chair of the Islamic Shura Council that will convene this July in Kuala Lumpur. The WISE Committee issued the following brief statement:
“WISE condemns without reservation the brutal murder of Aasiya Zubair. Her death reminds us that in the United States alone, an average of three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day. Domestic violence has affected all of our communities, and it is our collective responsibility to eliminate all forms of violence against women. We pray for her children and express our deepest sympathies to Aasiya’s family and friends. May God rest her soul in peace and let her death not be in vain.”

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