Our WORDE Issue Number 3

October 21, 2009

In this third edition of “Our WORDE,” the newsletter, WORDE participates in four events: the 8th Annual Coalition Partners Meeting of the Transportation Security Agency, an informative seminar on job opportunities in the US government, the Muslim Women’s Association monthly meeting and DNI Heritage Community Liaison Council Meeting.

WORDE participates in Transportation Security Agency [TSA] 8th Annual Coalition Partners Meeting

It was the second year that TSA invited its community partners to attend the annual conference, which briefed the attendees about transportation initiatives currently underway. Conference speakers discussed important issues such as the latest information on security screening, the implementation of the “Secure Flight” program and advancements in screening technologies.

WORDE hosts Job Fair in MI

WORDE partnered with the As Siddiq Mosque in Burton MI to host an informative seminar on job opportunities in the US government, especially in the IC sector. Community members had direct engagement with the represented agencies to learn more about the application process and what it takes to succeed. WORDE continues to offer community members resume building skills in order to prepare for US government applications.

Muslim Women’s Association Monthly Meeting

As part of its community outreach, WORDE President Hedieh Mirahmadi attended the monthly gathering of the Muslim Women’s Association, which was hosted by the wife of the Libyan Ambassador, Naima Bsikri, in the official residence. The event was attended by an impressive list of the wives of several ambassadors, community activists and influential business women.

DNI Heritage Community Liaison Council Meeting

The council meets at least twice year and WORDE has participated since its inception. This meeting detailed several interesting programs such as the upcoming preparation for the 2010 census, unclassified employment opportunities in the Intelligence Community sector, and the military’s MAVNI program, which has provided fast track US citizenship processing for certain persons who enlist in the US military.

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