Our WORDE Issue Number 5

January, 2011

In this fifth edition of “Our WORDE,” the newsletter, WORDE published an Op-Ed in the Christian Science Monitor and a report for policymakers and the Muslim American community to guide the development of a national strategy to counter radicalization at the community-level.  WORDE launched the report at the Center for Strategic Studies (CSIS).

Countering Domestic Radicalization

In December WORDE published “A Community Based Approach to Counter Radicalization- A Partnership for America.” The report is one of the first Muslim-led initiatives to counter domestic radicalization in the US. On December 16, 2010 the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Program hosted a discussion on the report and its implications for policymakers in the White House and the 112th Congress. Visit our website for the event’s summary and multimedia.

Last week WORDE published the op-ed “How to Fight Jihad in America” in the Christian Science Monitor that explores ways that policymakers and Muslim communities can address the evolving threat of homegrown radicalization, tackle the dangerous ideology underlying the movement, and engender greater trust between the government and Muslim communities.

For the coming months, WORDE is launching a campaign to raise the public profile of Muslim Americans who support shared American and Islamic values such as religious freedom, non-violent conflict resolution, and the preservation of the US Constitution and rule of law. By having Muslim Americans from across America sign A Pledge for Muslim Americans, WORDE hopes to demonstrate to policymakers that Muslims are just as committed as non-Muslims to addressing the threats of homegrown radicalization in our homes, schools, community centers and online.

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