Specialists Farooq and Ziad Publish in Exclusive Foreign Policy Magazine Series

Young girls in a village near Rawalakot, Kashmir

Specialists Farooq and Ziad Publish second article in Exclusive Foreign Policy Magazine Series based on their travel to over 35 cities in Pakistan to explore grassroots efforts to counter violent extremism and stop talibanization.

October 24, 2011
For Immediate Release

This summer WORDE Specialists Mehreen Farooq and Waleed Ziad travelled across Pakistan to explore avenues for developing civil society”s capabilities to counter extremism. They met with over 100 organizations, from Peshawar, Swat, and the tribal frontier, to Kashmir, southern Punjab, and Sindh to discover how Pakistanis are using madrassas, mosques, shrines, and public debates to counter radical narratives at the grassroots level.

The Foreign Policy Magazine”s AfPak Channel series includes interviews with former militants, parents of kidnapped children, community activists, jirga members, and religious scholars — highlighting the lessons they”ve learned, and the challenges they face to create a bold social movement to promote peace.

The first article, “The Battle for Pakistan”s Soul,” (September 1, 2011), focuses on jihadi recruitment methods throughout militant hotspots in Southern Punjab

The second installation of the series “Pakistan”s Most Powerful Weapon,” (October 21, 2011), explores anti-Taliban public awareness campaigns led by religious networks and community development organizations to spur grassroots efforts to counter violent extremism.

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