Empowering Egypt to Defeat Radical Islamism

Despite billions of dollars in counter-terrorism measures to capture and kill terrorists, the threat from transnational terrorist organizations like ISIL, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban has metastasized into an even greater menace than ever before. Given the U.S. government’s trepidation to engage the public sector on religious issues, our efforts to contain the threat have relied on purely kinetic counterterrorism approaches, rather than decreasing the proliferation of radical ideologies, which perpetuate the flow of new recruits. However, with a renewed focus in the U.S. on addressing radical Islamist extremism, there are new opportunities to consider empowering religious scholars who can authentically refute extremist narratives and possibly break the cycle of radicalization and recruitment.

“Empowering Egypt to Defeat Radical Islamism” (available September 7, 2017)  highlights avenues by which the US can bolster Egypt’s  efforts to diminish the appeal of ISIS and other similar groups.

This report is part of a series of reports that WORDE has published to explore the capacity of local civil society organizations to promote peace and counter radical Islamism. It is the result of an 18 month study in which WORDE staff conducted research in Washington D.C. with policymakers, and eight weeks of fieldwork in Egypt with government officials, analysts, religious scholars and community leaders. The findings are intended to provide the US and international community guidance on partnering with Egypt’s religious networks to effectively counter radical messaging.

For additional information about the report launch scheduled for September 7, 2017, please contact Mehreen Farooq (mehreen@worde.org)



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