Dr. Samantha Ravich

Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group and
Co-Chair of the National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs in the IC  

WORDE Specialist, Dr. Ravich’s areas of expertise include U.S. national security, diplomatic, and economic policy options in East and Southeast Asia, Indonesian affairs, and philanthropy. Her extensive experience in government service and the philanthropy sector make her a tremendous asset to the WORDE network.




Dr. Samantha Ravich consults with both private industry and Federal and State governments on international security, financial, and political risk. She is also a Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group and Co-Chairs the National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs in the IC. From 2009-2011, Ravich was Senior Vice President at IPS, a software and analysis firm.

Ravich was Deputy National Security Advisor to Vice President Cheney and served in the White House for 5½ years during the 2001-2008 time period. Ravich was the Vice President’s representative on Asian and Middle East Affairs as well as on Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation. During her tenure in OVP, she also worked on Free Market and Democracy Promotion, spearheading a number of government wide initiatives.

During a hiatus from the White House, Ravich served for two years as the VP of the think tank The Long Term Strategy Project, based in Cambridge, MA, that was established to assess security threats and opportunities facing the United States over the next two decades. From 1999-2001, Dr. Ravich was a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC where she worked for Senator Sam Nunn in his development of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. From 1996-1999, Ravich managed the Asian and Middle East International Security portfolio for the Smith Richardson Foundation. She began her career as a financial analyst for KOAR, a Los Angeles based real estate investment and development firm.

Ravich received her Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School and her BSE/MCP from the Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania. In 2000, Cambridge University Press published Ravich’s book, “Marketization and Democracy: East Asian Experiences,” which is used as a basic textbook in international economics, political science, and Asian studies college courses throughout the country.

She is member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was a CFR International Affairs Fellow. Ravich serves on the board of the Pardee RAND Graduate School, the selection committee for the Hitachi Japan CFR International Fellows Program, and the National Counterterrorism Center’s Advisory Board.


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