Mohamed Nassir

Managing Director
Simply Islam


Mohamed Nassir graduated with a First Class Honours Degree (B.Sc.) from Staffordshire University (UK).  He worked for many years in the software industry before spending some 8 years working for da’wah organisations like Darul Arqam Singapore & Abdul Aleem Siddique Mosque.  He was listed in “The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2009″ and is currently listed in “The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010″ [click to view] published by Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center [website].  He was recently mentioned in a Berita Harian article (“Kenali 50 Wajah”, Dec 2010) as among four individuals who are expected to play a crucial role in directing and shaping the ‘face’ of the Singapore Muslim community. Mohamed Nassir is a proponent of traditional Islam and denounces all forms of terrorism and extremism.  He (and SimplyIslam) was featured in the documentary entitled “Misguided”, a 4-part documentary about terrorism (aired in January 2010) produced by Mediacorp Singapore [view excerpt].  Together with some concerned individuals, he established SimplyIslam in 2006 and is now its Managing Director. 


About is a private organisation dedicated towards education, humanitarian aid, social & community development and literary services to facilitate progression of society.  It is committed to the retention of tradition and culture and esteemed values whilst integrating contemporary challenges facing humanity today.  The scope of activities or programs addressed by includes Islamic education, International Scholars Program, skills development, English-Arabic translation and interpretation services, publications, charity works, event management and corporate consultancy.  Our niche is public education and awareness, religious spirituality, inter-faith dialogues, corporate and humanitarian advisory projects and community engagement programs.

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