Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi

Founder and President

DR. HEDIEH MIRAHMADI, JD serves as a consultant to a wide range of clients for whom she travels extensively to develop programs that promote social cohesion, interfaith social action and resilience against the recruitment tactics of extremist movements. She earned her JD from the University of Southern California, her B.A. in History from UCLA, and a degree in Islamic doctrine from the As-Sunnah Foundation.



Mehreen Farooq
Vice President

Mehreen Farooq’s areas of expertise include public policy, civic engagement, countering violent extremism (CVE) and grass-roots community development. She received her MA in International Affairs from American University, focusing on the socio- political development of the broader Middle East. Her current projects include analyzing Afghanistan and Pakistan’s civil society level efforts to counter extremism. Farooq has lived and traveled throughout Pakistan, including the frontier regions of Baluchistan. She is fluent in Urdu and has studied Arabic.


Nouf Bazaz
Senior Fellow, WORDE

Nouf Bazaz is a Senior Fellow at the World Organization for Resource Development & Education (WORDE) where she develops trainings on implementing community mental health and psychosocial support programs. Previously, Ms. Bazaz served as the Program Director of ICC Crossroads, a program of WORDE that provides counseling, case management, and positive youth development programming to refugee and immigrant families. As part of these roles, she provides technical assistance to Bridging Refugee Youth & Children’s Services (BRYCS) including the development of an online course on discrimination & bullying of refugee youth. Prior to joining WORDE/ICC, Ms. Bazaz developed maternal child health programming for refugee women and their families at the International Rescue Committee.




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